21 Day Fix Results – Round 2!

21 Day Fix Results – Round 2!

June 20 – July 10


In Round 2 I noticed more improvements in my muscle strength and endurance.  I was able to do more push ups, or hold the plank pose without shaking for the full minute, and the Plyo and Cardio workouts didn’t turn me into a sweat puddle.  The healthy eating and Shakeology was giving me more energy than ever before.  I needed 8 hrs of sleep and coffee each day prior to starting Beachbody, now I sleep for 6 hrs and feel energized, and may drink a cup of coffee once a week. 


I didn’t expect as good of results in round 2 as my body had started to adjust and the workouts were getting easier.  After the second round I had lost another 3″ and 5 lbs. 


I was ready for more, so I ordered the 21 day fix Extreme.  I decided I wanted to share this with others, and started inviting a few of my friends to join me in my fitness journey.  It is amazing how much confidence you have in yourself when you feel in control, and are happy with your body again.





After: Lost 5 pounds and 3″


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