Tips and Tricks for the Best 21 Day Fix Results

Tips and Tricks for the Best 21 Day Fix Results

Tips and Tricks for the best 21 Day Fix Results  

  • 1) Eat ALL of your food. I know that this is difficult for some people. But if you are skipping meals or even snacks, you are not getting exactly what you need and you may not see the full results. This program is set out so that your metabolism is trained to work the best it can. There were some days at the beginning when it took me almost an hour to eat my supper because I was SO full. But I wouldn’t quit until I ate it all! Your tsps are just as important, as your body needs to have the healthy fats as well. You can add coconut oil or olive oil to your dinner or you could use natural peanut butter or nut butters throughout the day in your snacks or just as a sweet treat! So be sure not to skip them!
  • 2) If you find that you are still hungry – like really hungry – then you can eat an extra green container (veggie). It is ok to feel hungry sometimes. A lot of the time we aren’t actually hungry, our head is just telling us that we are because we are used to eating differently. If you are doing additional intense exercise throughout the day (running, an extra workout, etc.) then you may need to add in an extra protein or possibly even a carb. Try to stick to the containers that are in your category if possible, but there are exceptions when you are adding in more physical activity than your normal workout.
  • 3) Drink Shakeology! Not everyone in the group is on Shakeology, but for those who are, continue to drink it every day! It is so important to get the best results possible. You are getting your daily dose of dense nutrition that you can’t possibly get from just eating food. It can help reduce cravings, curb hunger and improve digestion. If you are not on Shakeology I would definitely suggest at least trying it for a month. There is a money-back guarantee, so if you do not like it or feel the benefits then you can get a refund. If you would like to read more you can check it out here.

…Tips and Tricks for the best 21 Day Fix Results 

  • 4) For best results – eat all of you carbs BEFORE 6 pm. Do not eat your carbs as a night time snack. Your body needs to digest them earlier in the day. So the general rule is do not eat your carbs after 6 pm. I would also suggest eating all of your fruits before 6 pm. Fruits contain a lot of sugar that the body needs to digest. So fruit is also something you should try to avoid as your night time snack. The best thing to eat if you are doing 6 meals rather than 5 is to have a veggie for your night time snack. You can even have it with hummus (blue) if you want.
  • 5) If you are not planning your meals ahead it makes it harder to be successful. Meal planning and prep are a HUGE step towards being successful in this program. I have meal plan templates that can both be printed and edited on my website. Click here to go to the meal planning templates. Most people find that planning for a week at a time is easiest as grocery shopping and food prep can happen (usually on a weekend) and you will be totally prepared for the busy week ahead! You can find some sample 21 Day Fix Meal Plans here.
  • 6) Stay committed. It is only 21 days! That is 3 weeks! In 3 weeks you could be well on your way to your goal – at least you will be heading in the right direction. The 21 Day Fix is NOT a quick fix or a diet – it is teaching you a lifestyle change that you can continue long after the 21 Days is over. So don’t give up – believe in yourself and what you can do. Remember your “WHY”. Why do you want this? Why is it important to you? That will keep you going. I would highly suggest printing out your WHY and putting it somewhere that you will see it each and every day!
  • 7) Join one of my Challenge groups. Being a part of a challenge group makes you accountable and can provide that extra push that some of us need. And remember, we are all in it together and we are here to support, motivate and hold each other accountable. Participation in this group is key! It is a requirement to try to check in at least once a day. Group participation is so important because the Challengers in the group need to share their experiences, struggles and successes, so we can see that we are in it together. I run Challenge Groups every month – contact me to join in my next Challenge Group today!
  • 8) Remember there are 2 types of victories – Scale victories and non-scale victories. Try to set realistic goals for the 21 days. Remember that although a lot can change in 3 weeks, you may not be able to reach your final goal. Make small goals that you can reach in steps. For example – 1 or 2 pounds a week. If your goal is to lose 50 pounds – be realistic and chose a number goal of where you want to be after your first round. It is also important to remember that you will be building muscle, and muscle weighs more than fat. What is a non-scale victory? A non-scale victory is when you see changes that are bigger than the scale! For example, your clothes are feeling looser or you can fit into a pair of pants that you couldn’t fit into for the past year. Being able to complete your workout – taking less breaks or following the modifier less or not at all! Putting something back on the shelf at the grocery store because you look at the label and couldn’t possibly imagine eating something that is full of sugar, sodium or empty calories. These non-scale victories are just as important as the number you see on the scale. Remember to focus on how you feel, and give yourself credit for doing something so important for you and your health. You will reach your goal, it will come. Just keep going and never give up!

Follow these Tips and Tricks for the best 21 Day Fix results during your journey!


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