21 Day Fix Results

21 Day Fix Results

“If You Are Hesitant To Try This Program, Don’t Be! It Really Works!”

Meet Dave V. Dave is my husband and he committed to doing the 21 Day Fix with me! He signed up with a 21 Day Fix Challenge Pack and gave it his all. He followed the meal plan to a tee, drank Shakeology daily and didn’t miss a workout. And it payed off! Dave lost 13 pounds and 12 1/2 inches in just 3 weeks! Dave went on to complete a round of the 21 Day Fix Extreme immediately after finishing the 21 Day Fix. Be sure to check out his 21 Day Fix Extreme results here!

“I started the 21 Day fix to learn focused nutrition and to lose a few pounds. I have always been active by going to the gym and being in an active job, but I could never seem to lose weight as fast as I wanted. With this program being focused and motivating, I have not only lost the weight, but I have been able to keep it off, and then some. The focus on nutrition in this program was the key for my results. I found the Challenge group to also be great for providing that extra motivation, support and most of all accountability! Doing the program along with my wife also made it really enjoyable, as we motivated each other to push ourselves during the workouts and to keep each other on track with our eating. Now I feel healthier, stronger and more confident in myself. If you are hesitant to try this program, don’t be! It really works! And it is only 21 day, and you can do anything for 21 Days, so what do you have to lose?” -Dave V.



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