21 Day Fix – Round 1

21 Day Fix – Round 1

When I was first offered the opportunity to try a Beachbody program I declined, indicating I was good with my already active lifestyle, but thanked Stephanie for the offer.  A few months later when I saw her and Dave’s amazing results I asked to learn more, as I was interested in losing 15 – 20 lbs and toning up my body.


I started with Beachbody using the 21 day fix, and the Chocolate Vegan Shakeology.  In the prep week I was quite overwhelmed with the meal planning and the idea of counting containers, but by the end of the week it started to make sense.  Day 1 I was surprised that the workout winded me a bit, as I felt I was in good shape as an active runner and swimmer.  Day 2 I only had 3 lb weights and felt the workout was too easy, so after the workout I went to purchase 5 lb weights.  Day 3 I was very stiff and sore, Day 1 had caught up to me. By the end of the week I was starting to notice more energy and a small change in my clothes feeling looser. 


When I found out the cost of Shakeology I cancelled my auto ship immediately, I was just going to finish my bag and be done with it.  However as I continued to see success, enjoy the taste and energy Shakeology was giving me in the first week, I convinced myself that for only $6 a glass once a day, it was still much cheaper than the drinks I was previously consuming nightly at the local pubs, with no nutritional value in them.  Stephanie reached out to me to become a coach and obtain a discount on the products too, so I was sold and joined to be a discount coach in the first month.


I continued on with the program for the full 21 days, staying laser focused on my goals by working out daily, using the containers and meal planner to stay within my required, healthy amount of whole foods, and drinking 1 Shakeology every day.  At the end of round 1 I had lost 8″ and 6 lbs, and I was in love with the program and Shakeology!  I decided to stick with it, and started round 2.




After: Down 6 pounds and 8″


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