3 Tips For Finding Your Fitness Motivation

3 Tips For Finding Your Fitness Motivation

Are you losing your motivation? It can be tough to stay motivated sometimes, so here are some tips for finding your fitness motivation or bringing that motivation you once had back!

Did you know that the single most effective step to getting back on track is accountability? Having an accountability partner or group can make the difference of success and failure!

  1. Re-evaluate your fitness goal and even set a new goal. Maybe the goal you have is too big. Try to set small, achievable goals that will allow you to reach them and keep you on track. It can get discouraging if you set a goal that is too big and takes too long to reach. Reaching your big goal takes time, so find your fitness motivation, take small steps and you will get there!
  1. Use other peoples health and fitness motivation to help with your own. Partner up with someone that you know, a friend, sibling, Facebook friend, and use each other for motivation. Do you know someone who would like to lose a few pounds or learn healthier eating habits? Ask them if they would like to take a Challenge with you. You could do a short Challenge like the 3-Day Refresh to kick-start your goal or you could commit to a Challenge like the 21 Day Fix for even bigger results. You will lean on each other and keep each other motivated as well as have the support of me and the other Challengers throughout your journey.
  1. Always remember your “WHY”. Why do you want to do this? Who are you doing this for? Write down your why and hang it up where you can see it every day. This will remind you of why you need to keep going and will give you that extra push to keep working towards your goal. Quitting and making excuses won’t get you anywhere. If you are struggling, go back to tip #1 and re-evaluate your goal. Maybe you aren’t doing the right program and need to make some adjustments. Once you find something you love, it will become a lot easier to find the motivation to move forward. And your “WHY” will keep you going every day!


*My Challenge for you today – Think about your WHY, print it out and hang it up! Then ask as many people as you need to until you find at least 1 accountability partner. Find that person who will help to push you and who has the same goals as you. I can guarantee that you are not the only person on your friends list that can benefit from an accountability partner and that is looking to improve their life. If you and your new partner are interested in any Challenges or need help finding the best program for you, reach out to me and we will work together to get you in the best shape of your life, both physically and mentally.

Did you enjoy these 3 Tips For Finding Your Fitness Motivation? If you are interested in an accountability group, I have a 3-Day Refresh Challenge starting June 3rd and a 21 Day Fix Challenge Group starting on June 15th! I run Challenge groups every month, so contact me today for more information. I would love to help you AND your accountability partner reach your fitness goals.

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