Update on my IVF/PGD Journey

Update on my IVF/PGD Journey

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I have been doing a horrible job of tracking my IVF/PGD and FET journey on my website! So I apologize for that! However, I have been updating regularly with VLOG’s on my You Tube Channel so if you are interested in my journey, be sure to come and follow me over there.

After having my first IVF retrieval on November 11th, 2016 I ended up having OHSS (Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome) and having my fresh cycle cancelled. While this was devastating, it turned out to be the best scenario. Because we did a day 5 PGD biopsy instead of a day 3, we were able to add on Chromosome testing.  You can watch the results of our PGD and PGS testing here.

We have been not so patiently waiting for our first frozen embryo transfer, which was supposed to be happening next week. However, my ultrasound for my lining check did not go as we had hoped. My lining is only 4mm and it needs to be 7mm or higher to go ahead with the FET. I was taking 4mg of Estrace in the morning and 4mg in the evening. They have now added in 2 mg vaginally in the morning and evening and we are hoping that will do the trick. So I will try this for 1 week and have my next scan on Tuesday, January 24th.

I have been researching for DAYS on other ways to increase my uterine lining. Some of the things that I am trying are:

  1. Red Raspberry Leaf Tea – I am drinking 1-2 cups a day. I will only drink this until my lining is 7mm and then I will stop. It is not good in pregnancy because it can cause uterine contractions, but it is great leading up to pregnancy because it promotes a healthy uterus.
  2. Pom Juice – The key is to make sure it is PURE pom juice, not a mix or an artificial kind. It is not cheap, but you only need 8oz a day. From what I have read, it is full of antioxidants and can help promote blood flow and thicken your lining. It may not help, but it definitely can’t hurt! I am also adding some sparkling water to it to make it taste better, as I really don’t love the taste!
  3. Brazil Nuts – Brazil nuts are the single best source of Selenium which is an important nutrient for building up your endometrium (lining). I eat 4-5 each day.
  4. Castor Oil Packs – This is new to me and tonight will be my first try. I read a lot about them detoxing and helping to increase blood flow to the uterus, so it is worth a try! I will update on it once I have tried it a few times :)

If you are interested in learning more about my journey, you can check out my other videos. Thank you for following!


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IVF/PGD – Vlog #1 – Day 1 of Suprefact Nasal Spray!

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IVF/PGD – VLOG #5 – Baseline Ultrasound and My First Gonal-F Injection!

IVF/PGD – VLOG #6 – Day 4 Bloodwork results! 

IVF/PGD – VLOG #7 – First Ultrasound after 6 days of stimming 

IVF/PGD – VLOG #8 – Day 9 Ultrasound and Bloodwork…We are getting close! 

IVF/PGD – VLOG #9 – Last day of Suprefact and Trigger Shot tonight! Feeling Torn. 

IVF/PGD – VLOG #10 – Retrieval Day and Results

IVF/PGD – VLOG #11 – Fertilization Results! 

IVF/PGD – VLOG #12 – Day 2 & 3 Embryo Update

IVF/PGD – VLOG #13 – Day 5 Embryo Results

IVF/PGD – VLOG #14 – Day 6 – How many Embryos were Biopsied and OHSS Update!

IVF/PGD – VLOG #15 – Samples have arrived at the lab! Now what?

IVF/PGD – VLOG #16 – PGD Results! 

IVF/PGD – VLOG #17 – PGD Report and FET Update!

IVF/PGD – VLOG #18 – FET Postponed because of Thin Uterine Lining :( 


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