How to motivate yourself to workout

How to motivate yourself to workout

Today was a struggle for me. I didn’t want to work out – not even a week into my new program (which I love by the way!) and I couldn’t find the motivation. Maybe it was because I knew it was double day. The best part of T25 is the 25 minute workouts – but wait! They tricked me! Once a week I have to do a double workout!?!?

I was putting it off and even talked myself into not having to do it. And then something happened. I got up off the couch and I DID IT! I talked myself into doing just one workout, instead of both. After all, one is better than none, right? When I finished the first one I talked myself into doing 5 minutes of the second one, and before I knew it I had completed both workouts! I just kept telling myself one more minute and then I will quit. But I didn’t quit.

Was it tough? Absolutely?
Did I want to quit? You bet!
Did I try to tell myself I didn’t have to do it because I worked out the rest of the week? Yep!
Did I make myself get up and do it? Sure did!
How do I feel now? Fantastic. Not only did I push through the first workout but I kept going and I made it (barely) through the second one as well.

Remember, you are so much stronger than you think you are. YOU are stronger than your excuses and the only wall you need to conquer is the one you build in your mind! Keep going, and push forward. EVERY DAY!


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