IVF/PGD – VLOG #1 – Suprefact Nasal Spray

IVF/PGD – VLOG #1 – Suprefact Nasal Spray

My IVF/PGD Journey – VLOG #1

Day 1

Day 1!

It has finally arrived! Since the time we were able to identify the gene mutation that my husband and I carry (Short Rib Polydactyly Syndrome Type 3) we have had the option of IVF and PGD in the back of our minds. 

It has taken a lot to get to this point of moving forward. After our initial consult, I got pregnant with our angel baby, Bria. I delivered her and then ended up with a serious condition called Placenta Increta (I will do a separate post on that). It has taken 5 months to completely recover from the Increta and get the go ahead to do the PGD. So after 3 1/2 years of trying to have a healthy baby we are finally to the point of starting IVF with PGD and we couldn’t be more excited and hopeful! 

So…Day 1. For the next 2 weeks will be Suprefact Nasal Spray. 5 times a day, one spray in each nostril every 4 hours that you are awake. So my Suprefact schedule looks like this right now:

7am, 11am, 3pm, 7pm, 11pm. This is it, my first squirt!


The only side affect I had on day one was a headache and a few hot flashes at bedtime. I am not sure if there will be more side affects to come, we will see! At this point, I can’t be through anything worse than what I have been through the past 4 years, so I am not too worried about it!

I will be continuing on the Suprefact and also 1 baby asprin each day from October 15th-October 31st. I am not sure of the exact plan for October 31st, but I do know that is the day I will be starting the Gonal-F injections. 

What is Suprefact?  It is a nasal spray that is used to stop your body from ovulating and basically put your body in a menopausal state. This allows the doctor to completely control your cycle.  When you start the injections you do not want your body to ovulate. You need to mature many follicles to get a good number of eggs at your retrieval. So the Suprefact assists by stopping your natural ovulation. 

So, here is to the next 2 weeks of Suprefact and stopping my ovulation!! I will keep you posted!

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