Ramona Young


I started doing Beachbody workouts and drinking Shakeology in January of 2016 after being in contact with my coach Stephanie Vatamaniuck. I have since lost 49 pounds and 35 inches and have never felt better, physically and mentally.

A couple of weeks into my start date I changed my status to coach, only to get the discounts in Shakeology and all other items. I had no intent of becoming an "active" coach. Now, starting in October 2016, I decided to give it a try. I so believe in Shakeology and its benefits I have no plans on quitting drinking it. It does aid in weight loss but the main benefits are the dense nutrients you get with it. It is NOT just a protein drink. No vitamins required when drinking this. Once you start your body will immediately notice the difference and thank you for it!!

Being a coach has given me so much motivation and my mindset is unbelievable. It is like I am a new person and the old one has left the building!! I am happier and ready to take on the world with so much more energy.

I am so thankful for Stephanie who introduced me to Beachbody and has helped me every step of the way through my journey. Through the hard times and the good times! It wasn't just about the weight but my overall well being which she has been right there whenever I need her!!

I am so happy to say I am now a part of Team eleVATe and helping other people start their health and fitness journey.

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