Results from the Yoga Retreat!

Results from the Yoga Retreat!
Sept 5 – 25, 2016
Prior to starting the Yoga retreat I had lost 17.5″ and 17.5 lbs, I had reached my weight goal, but I am not done with Beachbody! I worked through the 3 week Yoga retreat, which I enjoyed. I felt relaxed and it was a good way to stretch out, but I wanted something more challenging and was worried I wasn’t getting enough of a workout. I incorporated some swimming and running. I saw results with this program too, I had lost an additional 1.5″ and 2 lbs.  For a grand total of 19″ and 19.5 lbs.
Now I am working on Insanity Max 30 and love how much I sweat during each workout. I know this will give me more definition and tone which is what I want now!

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