Shakeology Facts – Part 1

Shakeology Facts – Part 1

Shakeology Fact #1: Let’s talk VITAMINS & MINERALS!

Did you know that there are 13 different vitamins that are considered to be *essential* to us for proper body functioning? If you are drinking Shakeology, you are getting all of them!

Shakeology also includes 10 vital minerals that work along with the vitamins to carry out every chemical process needed for life. Without the proper balance here, body processes slow down causing a condition called malnutrition followed by a series of health conditions.?The vitamins and minerals found in Shakeology are: vitamins A, C, D, E, K, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, biotin, pantothenic acid, folic acid, calcium, chromium, copper, iodine, iron, magnesium, manganese, molybdenum, phosphorous and zinc. *WHEW* I feel like thats a lot to keep track of.

I know you may be eating more balanced meals these days full of fruits, veggies, healthy fats, lean meats, etc… but do you know for sure that you are getting this entire span of essential nutrients in your diet? And nobody has time for that kinda thing, am I right? That’s why I’m so thankful Shakeology has us covered in case we don’t quite meet that requirement each day – Sometimes you just need a cheat meal!

I broke up with my multivitamin which only ever made my stomach hurt and picked up a chocolate glass of AWESOME instead, and I’ll never go back!?Aside from daily functioning, these vitamins and minerals help us build and repair our muscles after working them so hard (leg day anyone?), strengthen our bones to hold up our new lean muscle mass, and support energy production to get us through our workout and the rest of our day. ALL THAT, from one drink that costs just over $4 a day?

Who feels like Shakeology gives them a nice boost of fuel each day? I’d love to hear how it’s making you feel!?
Shakeology Fact #2-
Shakeology Fact: OK now, I KNOW you all have heard the term antioxidants throw around before! But, what are they exactly and why do we need them??Antioxidants are actually molecules that inhibit a chemical reaction in the body called oxidation. Oxidation is when an atom (the itsy bitsy things that make up all living matter) loses an electron and therefore becomes unstable. This chemical reaction makes the atom unhappy and so it searches out other atoms that it can steal electrons from to make itself whole again. They only problem is, it has now officially started a chain reaction of body cell burglary! Our cells literally begin to attack one another, stealing from each other and causing permanent cell damage. Clearly we are trying to build healthy body cells here that can protect us from illness and build the body we are working so hard for, so this protection is important!

>> Enter antioxidants
Shakeology contains antioxidants from pure, super food sources. Why is that important? Our bodies are genetically made to easily accept nutrients from food sources versus the chemically compounded artificial stuff. So when it comes to cell rescuing antioxidants, isn’t it smarter to make it as easy as possible for our body to put them to good use by ingesting them in the way our body recognizes it best?Shakeology includes antioxidants from these super foods: Acerola cherry, bilberry, blueberries, camu-camu, goji berries, pomegranate, rose hips, luo han guo, grape seed, and green tea. With such a wide variety of natural sources, Shakeology definitely has us covered in the cell protection department!

Because even though I know we are all trying to eat lots of fruits and veggies, we live in a world full of chemical cleaners, cigarette smoke, STRESS, toxins, and many other every day air pollutants that want to come in and suck our cells dry. AND as we age in life, free radical production in the body INCREASES making us appear older and weaker because our cell structure literally IS older and weaker. So it is even more essential that we also increase our antioxidant consumption to help combat this imbalance and age beautifully.

Now I have no idea what camu-camu or luo han guo taste like, but Shakeology tastes like CHOCOLATE (or vanilla or strawberry). I’ll drink to that!
Shakeology Fact #3

Darin Olien is the Superfood Hunter and Formulator behind Shakeology. Darin travels all over the world in search of the best ingredients to put into Shakeology. Here is a little of what he had to say about this superfood that comes from Peru – Sacha Inchi.

“Sacha Inchi contains all the essential fatty acids (don’t worry, that’s a good thing!), including a super-high concentration of omega-3s. (Studies have shown that Omega-3s help promote heart and joint health, better memory, and mood health, while promoting a strong immune system.) And since we use its oil, it’s a nice alternative to fish oil, because it doesn’t have an unpleasantly strong smell or taste.

Sacha Inchi is naturally rich in protein and fiber, so it’s a strong appetite controller—nature’s diet. Then it goes a step further by helping to speed your metabolism, so you burn those fewer calories you’ve consumed more efficiently and rapidly. Sacha Inchi is easy to digest, then fully absorbed by your body, so it all goes to work right away too.”
What an amazing ingredient! I am so grateful that Shakeology allows me to get the benefits from Superfoods like these, because let’s be honest, these types of foods are not sold in the grocery store!
Shakeology Fact #4-
The Astragalus Root that is used in Shakeology comes from the Yangshuo Region of China.

Did you know that the Astragalus plant is actually a cousin of the pea family and there are more than 2,000 varieties?  Astragalus Root is an ancient Chinese herb that’s been used for thousands of years for natural therapeutic healing. It contains high amounts of antioxidants, which protect cells against free radical damage, plus it’s packed with tons of nutrients that promote a healthy immune and respiratory system. Astragalus Root has been known to help maintain normal blood sugar levels as well as help protect the body against physical, mental, and emotional stress. It also helps strengthen muscle mass, increase energy and helps to improve metabolism, circulation and breathing. It can even help speed healing! I don’t know about you, but I am pretty darn glad I am getting some of that every single day!

Some interesting facts from Mr. Darrin Olien’s Shakeology book:
• The Journal of Ethnopharmacology recently reported that Astragalus can activate immune cells like macrophages.
• The journal Rejuvenation Research shows that Astragalus extract can help enhance telomere strength, (Telomere loss is a primary cause of aging.)
• UCLA researchers are hopeful that using Astragalus extracts can help fight HIV and complications of chronic disease and aging.

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